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A house says a lot about your personality. It is not just four walls, it is your personal space that comforts you after a stressful day at work, excites you during family get-togethers, warms you during stormy winters, welcomes you with personal memorabilia, reminds you of the wonderful moments and much more. At Sterling Decorators, we help you achieve just that.

With our expert painters and decorators, we ensure that we turn your requirements into a dream home. From external cladding refurbishments to specialist coatings, from painting to taping and jointing, from feature walls to state-of-the-art staircases and from wall art to fittings and fixtures, we provide a range of services to transform an empty space into a personal space. Whether it is a cosy cottage, industrial features, exposed brick-work, or delicate windows, we are sure to offer the best quality of finishing.

Our competitive & reasonable prices will suit any budget and size of home improvement project. So that you get great value for money and peace of mind. Take a look at our portfolio for a glimpse of the transformations we made possible. Let us make your home our success story!

Our friendly team will make any home improvement project stress-free and enjoyable. We take pride in our work and are committed to using only the highest quality paints and materials, ensuring the best finish which will last for years to come.